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This city is yours for the taking in AlienInvaders.io!

Take control of a flying saucer with a huge amount of cargo space in this awesome .io game. Your mission? To use your tractor beam to steal everything in sight while you compete against the other saucers. You’ll start out with small items like park benches but, as your spaceship grows more powerful, you’ll be able to nab bigger things like cars and even entire buildings!

The alien crew that manages to nab the most stuff by the time the clock runs down to zero will win each exciting round. As your saucer rises up the ranks, you’ll even be able to steal your opponents' ships!

There’s also coins you can earn to buy different saucers that will help you strike fear into the hearts of your interstellar adversaries. Check out the additional missions that are waiting for you as well. Try the Solo Mode or the Battle Mode for a few extra challenges.

How to Play AlienInvaders.io?

AlienInvaders.io is a cool space game that will put you in the middle of a series of epic battles in the skies over a city. Your goal is to steal everything you can. The flying saucer with the most stuff when times run out will be declared the victor.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to pilot your ship.
  • LEFT CLICK to press the buttons in various menus, select items, and more.

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Who Developed AlienInvaders.io?

AlienInvaders.io was created by Super Apps.

Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.

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